Humanity For Dogs is born out of the founder's dream of a canine kindness organization that treats dogs with human rights, which includes the right to live, the right to medical care, and the right to receive emotional support and rehabilitation. We are a ZERO-kill rescue & sanctuary that will only euthanize dogs that are suffering with untreatable and painful conditions. A unique strategy of Humanity For Dogs as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization is to operate canine-related businesses such as boarding, pet store, and cemetery/burial services to provide a self-sustaining income stream to support rescue.
Humanity For Dogs is a canine kindness organization that is developing a dog rescue/sanctuary near Asheville to focus primarily on adoption-challenged dogs of all breeds & ages, and to provide: 1. Rescue, and foster dogs from kill animal shelters, 2. Provide lifetime sanctuary to dogs either medically or behaviorally unadoptable, 3. Maintain a ZERO kill approach to dog rescue with the exception of untreatable medical suffering, and 4. Provide ongoing medical care, foster homes, and re-home dogs displaced by natural disasters. Humanity For Dogs is currently applying for non-profit status in North Carolina and subsequently for 501c(3) tax-exempt status. We guarantee that 100% of donations flow directly to canine kindness & support operations.
Humanity For Dogs is so-named as we go beyond what is considered a "humane" approach to dogs - we treat them as if they were human beings. In our life experience, dogs are sentient beings endowed with intelligence, self-awareness, and some form of consciousness. We believe that dogs have a soul. And therefore, they are deserving of medical care as a human right, and to be treated with the dignity & respect deserved by these noble creatures who contain all of the virtues of humanity without any of the vices. We want you to know who we are and that we will provide life, love & care to any canine angel that we are honored to caretake. Our slogan & motto is "Guard The Love".
The founding team of Humanity For Dogs is looking to raise the bar for humane treatment of abandoned, kill-list, stray and/or traumatized dogs. We are developing a staff & facility plan that will be equipped and trained to handle the dogs that have been years in shelter, dogs that have made it to kill lists for no fault of their own, dogs that are recovering from trauma or natural disasters. Our approach is beyond 'humane' - rather it is 'human', as we believe that dogs (like humans) are not property and have a basic right to life, medicine, and love. And, we will provide this and more to any canine angel that we are fortunate enough to caretake. We are ZERO-kill excluding only extreme cases of medical suffering.
Recent events in Asheville have brought the issue of no-kill to the front of the dog-loving community. While certain rescues will state that no-kill means that a minimum of 90% of dogs that enter the shelter are placed in a home, we believe that is not sufficient. Humanity for Dogs is a ZERO-kill shelter & sanctuary and no dog will be euthanized under our care with the exception of extreme medical suffering that cannot be treated.
One of the most resource-draining elements of most existing dog rescues is that they rely eternally upon public & corporate donations. This distracts the staff from a 100% focus on canine care, and consumes enormous amounts of efforts. Humanity For Dogs is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization (application pending) that plans to incorporate several canine-related commercial operations with the profits 100% supporting our canine kindness operations. Our current plans are to operate a boarding & grooming facility, a pet supplies business, & a burial/cemetary operation for lost canine family members.
There are a variety of methods to assist Humanity For Dogs in its canine kindness mission. You can simply come and bring healing love to our dogs, or help us run & manage our shelter or sanctuary, or coordinate volunteers, etc. On the organizational side, you can help us plan events like a benefit concert in spring 2020, manage our social media campaign, strategize partnerships with both government and vendors, or provide accounting/and or legal help. Or, you can reach down and help us acquire our facilities. We appreciate in advance your desire to support us - click here if you are interested in volunteering, or click here if you would like to provide financial assistance.
We honor your intention to participate in our canine kindness operation. Humanity For Dogs will be primarily volunteer-based for the first year, outside of key employees. We are looking for volunteers to work with our dogs, to manage kennel operations, to rehabilitate traumatized dogs, to build out our facility, in addition to organizational needs like accounting or legal services, social media management and volunteer coordination. What do you want to do to help our canine angels - please click here to fill out the volunteer form and our Coordinator will contact you to arrange for an interview and orientation.
The importance of qualified fosters to a rescue operation cannot be over-estimated. In fact, certain rescues operate on a foster-only basis relieving the need for a bricks & mortar facility - note there are 10,000 rescues in the USA and only 3,500 are facility-based. Each foster home effectively increases the kennel capacity thereby opening up spaces for other dogs in need, and at the same time accelerates the healing process for the fostered dog in a way that shelter living cannot. We will strictly qualify every foster application - click here to apply to be a foster family for our canine angels!
Depends - we will certainly not let an adoption fee prevent an adoption to a qualified home - but we will be very careful to screen, interview, conduct a home visit, and financially qualify potential adopters. Please understand that we view these 'dogs' as our 'children' and we will take no risks in making sure they are being adopted into the proper environment on all levels. But of course if you can afford an adoption fee, one will be required and the fee will vary as a result of the history & circumstances of the dog being adopted.
Absolutely not! We view our rescue dogs as children and act to minimize the risk of failed adoptions by conducting interviews, financial screening and a home visit to assure that our dogs are going to a stable home environment with sufficient resources for proper nutrition and medical care. No dog will leave our facility until all necessary prerequisites are met by the adopting person or family. Some of our dogs have literally been through hell and most people do not fully appreciate the emotional toll that a failed adoption has on these canine angels.
Humanity For Dogs is seeking a founding corporate patron to assist in initially acquiring or building our rescue facility and boarding operation on a property within a 20 mile radius of Asheville. Humanity For Dogs has developed a unique self-sufficiency strategy that should be in place with 24 months of launch. We also accept legacy (will) grants - and we will work with your attorneys to guarantee that your generous grant is allocated according to your wishes.
One of the pillars of Humanity For Dogs' financial self-sufficiency program is to operate a commercial canine boarding facility on the same property as our dog rescue & sanctuary. We believe there are significant synergies between a boarding facility and rescue operations. Every dog that we adopt out is a potential boarder client, and we believe that dog owners will choose our boarding facility with the knowledge that all profits are dedicated to support our rescue facility.
We are planning to incorporate burial services & a cemetary on our rescue/sanctuary property. What better resting place for your canine angel than the location of dog rescue - we will work with you to provide the most compassionate and appropriate service for your lost 'child' - and you will be able to visit and meet our rescue and boarding dogs any time. All of us have lost dogs in the past - and we know exactly what you are going through - and we will mourn together with you.
Humanity For Dogs is currently applying for non-profit status in North Carolina and subsequently for 501c(3) tax-exempt status. Any hard or soft donations made in 2020 will not be taxable until 4/15/21 and we anticipate our tax-exempt status to receive final approval by mid-2020. Our tax consultant has informed us that the IRS approval rate for canine rescue organizations is nearly 100%.
We stand ready to respond to your inquiries. Feel free to reach out directly at our main line: 828-808-7000. Or, simply "bark at us" through our website for more information on our contact page. For current events and news, please join and follow our Facebook Page - or feel free to message us through Facebook Messenger. Media or press inquiries should be directed to our founder Chayton Alo.

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