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The first 100 people that donate $100 (or more) to this building drive will have their names eternally imprinted on a prominent plaque on our rescue facility duly named 'The First 100' - help us rescue today!

Humanity For Dogs is born out of the founder's dream of a canine kindness organization that treats dogs with human rights, which includes the right to live, the right to medical care, and the right to receive emotional support and rehabilitation. We are a ZERO-kill rescue & sanctuary that will only euthanize dogs that are suffering with untreatable and painful conditions. A unique strategy of Humanity For Dogs as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization is to operate canine-related businesses such as boarding, pet store, and cemetery/burial services to provide a self-sustaining income stream to support rescue. But we need your help to achieve that independent footing - please click on one of the Donation or Support links on this page and help us rescue our canine heroes. The First 100 people to donate $100 or more to our building drive will have their name on a plague on our rescue facility named 'The First 100'.
Can you include Humanity For Dogs in your monthly giving plan? Can you subscribe to our recurring donation plan? This provides stability & visibility of financial support. You can sign up to pay $10, $25, $50 or $100 each month easily, and can cancel your subscription at any time. To join our amazing supporters that include us monthly in their giving, please click on the 'Recurring Support' button above or CLICK HERE.
Since most of our supporters own at least one dog - then you probably are aware of the substantial costs of proper nutrition & medical care. Imagine taking care of 30-50 dogs all at once! We accept with gratitude all 'soft' donations of pet food, dog beds, collars/leashes, toys, etc. Note that we have an approved list of foods that meet our minimal quality requirements. Would you like to donate canine supplies to help up love these heroes? Go to our Contact Form on the 'Bark At Us' link on the menu above, and send us a list of what you would like to donate and we will make arrangements for pick-up or drop-off. And thank you in advance for your kind support.
Humanity For Dogs intends to be staffed on a volunteer basis for the first 12 months, not including some key employees. We are seeking people to love & heal our canine children, to coordinate foster homes, manage our social media promotion campaign, organize shelter dog hikes, organize our Benefit Concert in spring 2020, to help run our rescue facility. Don't be shy - bring us your love for dogs and energy and unique skills, and we will put them to work to rescue dogs! First, apply to be approved as a volunteer at this link and you will receive a call from our Volunteer Coordinator - click this button to start the journey: Volunteer Application
One of the key pillars of rescue success is the Foster Angel Homes that open up their life and family to provide a temporary, yet normalized environment for a dog. Not only does this effectively expand the capacity of our rescue facility thereby opening up room for another dog in need, it also relieves them from the stresses of shelter life. No matter how much effort is expended to provide the best shelter environment possible, there is nothing that can substitute for the healing effect of being welcomed into a family. Having said that, we have an intensive screening process for foster families because we view our rescue canines as children. If you have the ability to provide the right temporary home - please hit 'Bark At Us' in the menu above and fill out the Contact Form. And, our Foster Home Coordinator will contact you for an in-home interview.
Excited by what we are creating and our mission as an organization? Want to spend your life loving and rescuing dogs? Perhaps we have a position for you - we are not hiring at this time (January 2020) but intend to expand our full-time staff throughout the year - please send your resume and a dog-passionate cover letter to our Founder Chayton Alo at this email address: - bonus if your include pictures of you and your dogs!
There are a variety of methods to assist Humanity For Dogs in its canine kindness mission. There is an array of professional services & skills that are constantly in need to operate a successful, top-notch canine rescue operation. What is your expertise and how can it be applied to support our rescue efforts? We will need fundraisers, social media gurus, photographers to take high-quality images of our dogs, a videographer to produce viral promotional videos for our building drive & other initiatives. Head to our Volunteer Page and let us know how you want to assist us: Volunteer Application
Yes, even canine rescue charities require a substantial amount of accounting & legal services - particularly in the startup stage. Even more so given Humanity For Dogs is attempting to acquire an existing rescue facility. Are you an experienced attorney or accountant and motivated to help us trim out legal and/or accounting budget? If so, please email our Founder Chayton Alo at this email address:
SWAG did you say - can you imagine your friends' reaction when you hit town or the field in your Humanity For Dogs clothing attire? Can you think of a better gift that truly makes a difference - go check out our amazing HFD Merchandise store - note that all profits (12% currently) are donated to support our rescue efforts - click on the button & start shopping - you will love our cool t-shirt logos: Humanity For Dogs Merchandise Store
Do you like our website - are you in the market for web development services. Before our Founder Chayton dedicated his life to rescuing dogs, he built a firm called Mobile Brain, that builds first-rate websites that are optimized for performance in a smartphone/tablet environment. This entire site including graphics was hand-crafted by Chayton - and he is offering his services to a limited number of clients in 2020 and is dedicating 100% of the project profits to support us. Check out his truly amazing development site and follow the links to request a website review and/or quote: Launch Mobile Brain
TYF! Tell Your Friends! Please help us spread the word to the dog-loving community here in Asheville and beyond - now is the time to assist us in acquiring or building our rescue facility! Go to our Facebook page (hit button below) and Invite Your Friends to like our page. Copy our website address and paste it into your Facebook or other social media feed. Help us to spread the word! Humanity's Facebook Page

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